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Balloon Decorations

What?!  What does balloon decorations have to do with DeClutter?  Well, that's the Etc. part of me.
I love making balloon art and it makes people happy.
Well, I love making people happy, and who can not smile at balloons.

The free phone  consultation and home evaluation (or event, as the case may be) still apply.
Contact me about pricing and what I have to offer.

Free phone consultation

In home evaluation

We discuss your options, give advice in a non-judgmental assessment  on "where to go from here," and provide recommendations to help save you time and money.
Organizing and DeCluttering

That's where we get to work at what we do best.  
We can transform your cluttered home or office into a place you'll be proud of and look forward to coming home to.

Personal Assistant

We offer all types of home assistance from organizing your home, your computer headaches, running errands, balancing your checkbook, paying bills and more.  
You name it, we're here to help.